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What are causes for the decline of immunological vigor?

Aging, stress and inappropriate life style are major causes for immunological decline. In addition, disease itself and therapy for the disease have negative effect on the immunological vigor. As all causes mentioned above are variable by individual, the level of immunological vigor are variable by individual.

relation of immunology and disease

Immunological vigor is an important indication of health condition.

However, one can not easily realized how much the level is. So the assessment of immunological vigor is necessary for maintenance of healthy condition. So HLS has developed the method to evaluate the immunological vigor, which can be easily understood by everyone. If the immunological level is high, you better maintain it at high level. If the immunological level is low, you should seek for methods to enhance the immunological level; i.e., by changing life-style or daily food. If you are trying to taking medicines or supplements, you should check the effectiveness by assessing the immunological vigor.

Improvement of Immunological vigor

Harmful results of depressed immunological vigor.

As described earlier, the immune system combats with infections, cancer and stress, people with depressed immunity are susceptible to infection and cancer. Official reports in any countries, clearly indicated that cancer and infection increase with advance of age, because depression of immunological vigor proceeds with advance of age. In addition, the immunity plays an important role in the maintenance of the internal environment as homeostasis. Thus people with depressed immunity are not good at maintaining homeostasis and frequently feel that something is wrong in the body and depressed QOL in other words.

Improvement and maintenance of immunological vigor.

  1. Improvement and maintenance of immunological vigor.

    Inappropriate life style and aging.

    1. Aging itself cannot be stopped, but the effect of aging may be alleviated by improvement of stress and inappropriate life style.
    2. Variable stresses: psychological stress at home, working place and school; diseases, therapy for diseases; natural disaster such as earth quake, tsunami and flood.
    3. Inappropriate life style; poor sleep, overwork, heavy smoking, excessive drinking, irregular meal, unbalanced diet, poor athletic performance.
  2. Countermeasure against stress for the prevention of immunological decline.
    1. Avoid stress. If possible, one should avoid stress by getting away from the crowd, lousy situation and dislikable people.
    2. Remove cause of stress. If cause of stress is apparent, one can try to remove it. For instance, relationship with a friend becomes worse by some improper talk to him, you can improve it by simple apology.
    3. Reduce the adverse effect of stress.
      Dissipate stress by yelling, speaking out, crying and exercising.Change the mood by singing, shopping, eating, drinking, sporting activity, sleeping, walking and chattering with friends.
  3. Improvement of life style.
    1. Physical exercise without any anxiety in mind is useful for the improvement of immunological vigor. People may be performing physical exercise in a packed train but the situation is usually giving a stress in most case.
    2. Good sleep is one of good methods to recover psychological and physical condition. For good sleep, good physical exercise and proper foods are necessary. Good rhythm in daily life is good for good sleep. Heavy drink is not good for good sleep.
    3. Foods
    4. One has to avoid biased nutrition and eat many kinds of foods by bits. Elongation of mean lifespan in Japanese could be due to the custom that Japanese people eat many kinds of foods.
  4. Drugs and supplements

    There are some drugs and supplements that are believed to be effective for immunological enhancement. However, the effect is different by individuals and sometimes they bring about adverse effect as shown in the table below.
    Thus, it is always necessary to check their effect by assessment of immunological vigor, mentioned above. When some drugs and supplements are suitable for immunological enhancement, they are useful for the recovery and maintenance of higher level of immunological vigor.

effect of suppliments


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